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Your Mother Loves You

Artist Song
Nancy Sinatra  Bang, Bang 
The Clientele  Reflections After Jane 
Air  Playground Love 
Joy Zipper  Check Out My New Jesus 
The Owls  Air 
On!Air!Library!  Feb. 
Vincent Gallo  Honey Bunny 
Azure Ray  The New Year 
Mirah  The Light 
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham  Moonshot 
Baxter Dury  Oscar Brown 
The Chills  Pink Frost 
PJ Harvey  30 
Mum  Behind Two Hills....A Swimmingpool 
Goldfrapp  Black Cherry (M83 remix) 
Broadcast  You Can Fall 
Fischerspooner  The 15th 
Colder  Crazy Love 
Telefon Tel Aviv  My Week Beats Your Year 
Calla  Mother Sky (Can cover) 


I made this for a new online friend by the name of Denise. Yes, the title comes from the Beulah song of the same name. All these songs on here really tug my heartstrings hard, so thusly they are here. I think the mix of recent music plus older is pretty good, too. Of course, that Nancy Sinatra song come on my radar as it did for everyone else: Kill Bill Vol. 1! What a mesmerizing song! The Clientele just kills me with beauty every time I hear them. All the songs have amazing vocals with some sonic experimentation going on. A lot of these songs have been ones that I've discovered and have kept playing all summer long, like: Azure Ray, Mirah, On!Air!Library!, the Owls, Britta Phillips, Colder, Mum, etc. This mix ends up playing and sounding like the best sad dream you ever had. Rock on. Here's some extra info I added to the tracklisting liner notes in the cd:

"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out" - Lou Reed Copyright 2004: The Lou Reed Fiend Mixtape Club

That last part I made up a while ago and I have been wanting to use it for my imaginary mixtape club ever since. I'm thinking that one day I'll start a real one with the same name but until then, I'll just use it as a mix cd "alias." I adore Lou Reed & VU, as you can see! P.S. I added the image from the new French film, Ma Mere, by total coincidence when I found it browsing my pictures. It's coincidental and slightly ironic cause' my mix is titled Your Mother Loves You, and this film highlights an intense incestuous relationship between a mother-son duo, as seen in the picture. Ahem, I guess this mother loves her son a bit too much. Hah! The actor Louis Garrel is a total dreamboat too, which is why I had that picture in the first place. He also appeared in the cinematic feature, The Dreamers (2003) which I highly recommend. I just thought I would share that with everyone. ;)
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