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Last Call

Side A
Artist Song
the Cure  10:15 Saturday Night 
Bumblebeez 81  Get Dressed 
the Specials  Nite Klub 
!!!  Shit Scheisse Merde Pt. 1 
Tom Tom Club  Genius of Love 
Afghan Whigs  Somethin' Hot 
Franz Ferdinand  Take Me Out 
Hot Hot Heat  Naked in the City Again 
Gang of Four  Damaged Goods 
Portishead  Sour Times 
Iggy Pop  Tonight 
Side B
Neil Young  Don't Let It Get You Down 
Coldplay  Amsterdam 
UNKLE  Blood Stain 
Pulp  This is Hardcore 
My Bloody Valentine  Lose My Breath 
Ugly Casanova  Barnacles 
the Pixies  I've Been Waiting for You 
Broken Social Scene  Late Nineties Bedroom Rock for the Missionaries 
the Pop Group  She is Beyond Good and Evil 
Violent Femmes  Gimme the Car 


This is my most recent mix, i made it about a week ago. the other tapes i've submitted today are a couple of months old. This is all fresh. I decided to try to tell a story with this one and here's the basic (or not so basic) plot: Boy gets stood up (at 10:15 on a saturday night no less), decides to go out anyway. Goes to a night club where he meets a girl starving for attention with low self esteem (i.e. "damaged goods") they hit it off. Boy later decides to dump her. girl doesn't take it so well, kills herself. Boy is distraught with grief, comtemplates suicide himself. Enter new girl, a good friend of his. Girl helps boy out of depression. Boy inevitably falls in love with girl. She rebukes him at first then decides to go ahead anyway. They have a good relationship, they even make "home made movies" if you get my drift. (check out the lyrics to "This is Hardcore", if you don't) Eventually girl decides to dump boy and move on, because "she is beyond good and evil". Boy takes it surprisingly well and asks his dad to let him borrow the car so the whole crazy cycle of sex, debauchery, and suicidal depression can begin anew. Whew, weird huh.
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Date: 8/22/2004
Nice, I really like the story line

-thumbs up-

Nicholas Vegas
Date: 8/23/2004
I always loved the ESCHER Pics.
Nice Mix also

Date: 8/23/2004
Me like!
p the swede
Date: 8/24/2004
lot of classic favs here