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phone me in the morning when you're sober; for jeff

Side A
Artist Song
the killers  mr. brightside 
placebo  this picture 
scarling  the last day i was happy 
elastica  connection 
tweaker ft. will oldham  ruby 
arab strap  the clearing 
the cure  babble 
suede  she's not dead 
fiona apple  get gone 
ryan adams  the bar is a beautiful place 
yo la tengo  oklahoma, usa 
arvo part  kyrie 
Side B
jeff buckley  hallelujah 
nick drake  clothes of sand 
idlewild  in remote part/scottish fiction 
the libertines  music when the lights go out 
elliott smith  pitseleh 
manic street preachers  motorcycle emptiness 
the decemberists  july, july! 
franz ferdinand  michael 
interpol  nyc 
morrissey  i have forgiven jesus 
miss black america  leopardprint lives 


This mix has a rad cover and I certainly hope Jeff likes it.


Date: 9/4/2004
Killers...Franz...Buckley...Drake...Fiona...Ryan...DAMN this is a great tape. "Hallelujah" was always a closing song for me, I never thought to lead off a mix/side with that one. The whole thing has a great vibe and flow to it, if he doesn't like it make sure that you never talk to him again. Cheers! -Famous.