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Happy Birthday, Baby! (Here Comes My Man)

Artist Song
Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart 
The Killers  Mr. Brightside 
Buju Banton  Love Sponge 
Jack Johnson  Bubbletoes 
Cake  Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 
Hefner  The Hymn for the Cigarettes 
Lou Reed  Romeo Had Juliette 
Pixies  Here Comes Your Man 
Rilo Kiley  A Better Son/Daughter 
The Shins  New Slang 
Bruce Springsteen  Atlantic City 
The Cure  Just Like Heaven 
Rolling Stones  She's Like a Rainbow 
(Tsunami Bomb)  (Russian Roulette) 


This is actually- now that I'm looking at the tracklist- kind of a ROMANTIC mix! Eek! But so, so, so good! It has one of my fave Bruce tracks of all time right next to the best 80's night club tune ever, not to mention a superfab Lou Reed track and that goddamn Shins song and the Hefner track (thanks GooGoo22!) and the Pixies, and Rilo Kiley, and and and... the reason Tsunami Bomb track is in parentheses is because it sticks out like an angry, sore thumb and I know it. A present for the Boy who turned 23 on September the 29th. I was going to put a lot of Cake tracks as a clue, since his 'big' present was 2 tix to see them in New Yawk, but I made a fun picture puzzle instead and this damn fine mix. PS- I read someone somewhere predict that "She's Like a Rainbow" would make it into the upcoming Wes Anderson flick, Life Aquatic.
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Dan N.
Date: 12/28/2004
one of my fav bruce songs as well - but check out the version by the band. much much better.