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Monochrome 2.0: The Dark vs. The Light

Side A
Artist Song
the Flaming Lips  Race for the Prize 
William Shatner  Common People 
the Lovin' Spoonful  Pow! 
the Zombies  She's Not There 
Sly & the Family Stone  If You Want Me to Stay 
the George Baker Selection  Little Green Bag 
Black 47  Born on a Black Monday 
the Go-Gos  We Got the Beat 
Disturbed  Down With the Sickness 
Steely Dan  Only a Fool Would Say That 
Those Legendary Shack Shakers  Shake Your Hips 
the Flaming Lips  Pilot Can at the Queer of God 
the Righteous Brothers  Little Latin Lupe Lu 
Vangelis  One More Kiss, Dear (from Blade Runner soundtrack) 
the Cheap Suit Serenaders  Pass the Jug (from the Crumb soundtrack) 
Henry Hall & the Gleneagles Hotel Band  Home (from the Shining soundtrack) 
Side B
Steely Dan  Do It Again 
Godsmack  Voodoo 
the Flaming Lips  The Magician vs. The Headache 
Pink Floyd  Lucifer Sam 
the Flaming Groovies  Shake Some Action 
Steely Dan  Any Major Dude Will Tell You 
Judy Henske  Salvation Army Song 
Lard  Sylvestre Matuschka 
Richard Cheese  Down With the Sickness 
Fountains of Wayne  Little Red Light 
Steely Dan  With a Gun 
Kinky Friedman  We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to You 
the Flaming Lips  Thank You Jack White (for the Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me) 
Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke Soundtrack)  Plastic Jesus 
They Might Be Giants  New York City 
Yo La Tengo  My Little Corner of the World 


A nonsense name for a nonsense mix, ended up with a lot more Steely Dan and Flaming Lips than I'd planned... but that's how it worked out.

Okay I had a friggin defective tape!! argh. So I only have 110min ones left... thus the additions and the end of both sides. 10 extra minutes per side. It's DREAMY to an old school 90min tape mixer like myself... I was sorely tempted to change out "The Magician vs. The Headache" to the string quartet version, but that will go on another mix... now the title makes more sense, with the cheery songs battling the nihilistic stuff like the Disturbed track, and the delectable mockery in "Common People."


Rob Conroy
Date: 10/30/2004
This looks like lots of fun.
French Connection
Date: 10/30/2004
Yep looks fun & colourful too!
Date: 10/30/2004
Looks fun, though I must say I hate Steely Dan...but the Floyd & Righteous Bros are classics!
p the swede
Date: 10/31/2004
I like Steely dan and I like this mix as well
Date: 10/31/2004
william shatner's version of common people is truly awesome!
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 10/31/2004
How are the Righteous Brothers like the Holy Roman Empire? The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire. The Righteous Brothers are neither righteous nor brothers. My high school boyfriend, one in the "Steve" series, made up that joke. I'm not so fond of Steely Dan, either, but they work well judiciously used.
Date: 11/1/2004
Especially loving the Black 47 track.
James Jackson
Date: 11/5/2004
"Hey, chuckle***k, you just showed us that
mix!" (Sorry, I had to say it since nobody else did!)I'm with the Swede on this one: I like Steely Dan, too! And this mix looks fine!
Date: 11/23/2004
So cool - I'm sorry I'm so late in getting to this one. Very random but works marvellously - I'm not the biggest Flaming Lips fan in the world, but they definitely work here, and I love your Vangelis inclusion!!