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Pensive Indecision

Artist Song
Les Savy Fav  Melancholy 
Bright Eyes  If Winter Ends 
Beulah  My Horoscope Said It Would Be a Bad Year 
Bright Eyes  Something Vague 
The Postal Service  Sleeping In 
Travis  Indefinitely 
Mates of State  Tan/Black 
Radiohead  No Surprises 
The Walkmen  We've Been Had 
Nico  These Days 
Red House Painters  Have You Forgotten? 
White Stripes  Hotel Yorba 
The Magnetic Fields  Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old 
Weezer  The Good Life 
Rainer Maria  Thought I Was 
Bruce Springsteen  Dancing in the Dark 
(Andy Milonakis)  (The Superbowl is Gay) 


This is a themed mix I made for a friend at the end of my freshman year of college. I was on the verge of transferring and deciding whether to take time off; she was on the verge of graduating and deciding what the fuck to do with her life. We were both a little confused. Songs like "These Days", "My Horoscope..", "Thought I Was", et al sort of encapsulate our mutual mood at the time. Standard choices on my part but new to her. I was reminded of this mix because, lo and behold, 2 years later we are in the same city- though not the same borough, ack- and she wanted a new copy.
The Bruce track is a nod to my Jersey roots for her amusement and good cheer. The Andy Milonakis tune was an unlisted track in completely bad taste, but I thought once she got over the shock she'd have a good laugh, and she did. We recently stood outside Tower Records in NYC and recited some of the more poignant lyrics to each other.


Date: 11/9/2004
Cool mix.
Date: 11/10/2004
i like this a lot. fab job!