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Pinback  Victorious D 
Pinback  Loro 
Pinback  Offline P.K. 
Pinback  Bloods On Fire 
Pinback  Penelope 
Pinback  Lyon 
Pinback  Crutch 
Pinback  3xo 
Pinback  Trainer 
Pinback  Hurley 
Pinback  Tres 
Pinback  AFK (with Radio Interview Excerpt Intro) 
Pinback  Non Photo-Blue 
Pinback  June 
Pinback  Grey Machine 
Pinback  Syracuse 


Pinback catches a lot of flack for "not changing their sound" and to some degree I can see their point. But it's irrelevant to my enjoyment of their catalog, as it should be to anyone. The other Pinback mix here on Art of the Mix is actually a setlist they played at a show. And while that may very well suffice for most listeners, I felt obligated to make a more traditional, updated mix, culling tracks from the albums, including their most recent one ("Summer in Abaddon"), and the ep's themselves. I left off songs and remixes from tour e.p.'s because I neither have them (though I would like to, maybe), nor care to waste the space with them. This is not a b-sides or rarities disc. This is a broad collection of songs I felt were distinct and would be most potentially enjoyable for an unsuspecting listener. Also track 12 includes a brief excerpt from a Dutch radio interview with Rob Crowe at the beginning, regarding "Summer in Abaddon." It was a lot of fun compiling and listening to this mix.


Date: 11/25/2004
haha...your username caught my reminds me of highschool...i had a group of friends who were obsessed with nick twisp (one even dressed as him for halloween one year...)
Date: 12/6/2004
I appreciate any sort of playlist with pinback, not to mention an entire playlist to them. Pinback's "Blue Screen Life" is a masterpiece. I do not consider "Summer of Abaddon" anywhere near it (at least yet...ive had it for about 3 weeks and it still isnt clicking for me) and i have to disagree with the inclusion of so many songs from that album. However, I highly applaud your keen music ear to pick out the gem "Victorious D." I do have some songs from "Live In Donny's Garage" and some unrealeased pinback music (including a remix of tripoli that is killer) and id be more than happy to share.