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Roll, Hot Rod, Roll!

Side A
Artist Song
Medallions  Buick 59 
Bo Diddley  Road Runner 
Jonathan Richman  Road Runner 
Robt Earl Keene  Someone's Swerving in My Lane 
Neil Gladstone  Dodge Dart 
the Squires  Stackolac 16 
Andre Williams  Movin' 
Rocky Jones  Spin Out 
Tennesse Rhythm Riders  Hot Rod Girl 
Jackie Brenson  Rocket 88 
Johnny Shines  Dynaflow Blues 
Jim Flaherty  This Old Bomb of Mine 
Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan  Hot Rod Race 
Johnny Bond  Hot Rod Lincoln 
Jan & Dean  Schlock Rod 
Troyce Key  I Got a New Car 
Side B
Johhny Tolbert  Check Your Battery 
Sonny Boy Williamson  Pontiac Blues 
K C Douglas  Mercury Blues 
David Lindley  Mercury Blues 
the Sonics  Real Boss Hoss 
Pat Davis  Spinning Hubcaps 
Pearl Harbor  Driving 
the Royals  Gas Happy Mama 
Johnny"Guitar" Watson  Motor Head Baby 
Oscar McLollie  Roll Hot Rod Roll 
Del Vikings  Flat Tire 
Paramounts  Thunderbird Baby 
Connie Allen  Rocket 69 
Honey Boy Allen  Ford V-8 
Bob Elliott  I'm Drivin' 
Bobbettes  I'm Speeding 
Chuck Berry  This Old Ford 
Paul Pena  Terraplane Blues 


Strong R&B flavor in this one. Maybe the last cars-&-driving compilation of the 20th century? (12/30/00)
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Date: 1/6/2001
god bless you for making a Car only suggestion would be to add it Mercury blues....the steve miller version as well as the david lindley and KC Douglas