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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
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Revolution Rising!

Artist Song
Rage Against The Machine  Guerilla Radio 
Sage Francis  Makeshift Patriot 
Death From Above 1979  Blood On Our Hands 
Xiu Xiu  Support Our Troops (Black Angels Oh) 
Rise Against  Black Masks And Gasoline 
Mr. Lif  Home of the Brave 
Goldfinger  Open Your Eyes 
NOFX  The Irrationality Of Rationality 
Sonic Youth  Youth Against Fascism 
Perceptionists  Memorial Day 
Dead Kennedies  Stars and Stripes of Corruption 
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy  California _ber Alles 
The Slackers  International War Criminal 
Bad Religion  The Empire Strikes First 
Propagandhi  Resisting Tyrannical Government 
Pennywise  Fight 'Til You Die 
Saul Williams  Pledge of Resistance (Coldcut Remix) 
Chuck D. feat. Ambersunshower  War 
John Lennon  Working Class Hero 


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Mike Eternity
Date: 1/9/2005
I can't help you, but I like that you tried making an "Important" mix, with actual socio-political relevance. Songs can make you think and re-think the world around you, but they all-too-rarely do. These bands deserve recognition at least for their efforts (despite that some of their music and the ideas behind them aren't as worthy of praise in my opinion, Bad Religion especially). But still, I wish there were more mixes and in general more MUSIC like this. Well-done
Date: 1/10/2005
I agree -- although there is a certainly a place for the "I broke up with my girlfriend" mix, there is certainly a place for a socio-political mix as well.
Good job.
Date: 10/17/2005
i think political mixes are a great way to increase consciousness without necessarily preaching. i re-purposed one of my mixes along these lines and i was surprised at how much the political events of the day had seeped into my mix-making.