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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

Mexi-Pizzas and Cream of Wheat: A Ben Folds Primer (2-Disc CD)

Side A
Artist Song
Ben Folds Five  Jackson Cannery 
-----  Song for the Dumped 
-----  Underground 
-----  Julianne 
-----  Regrets 
-----  She Don't Use Jelly [Flaming Lips cover] 
-----  One Angry Dwarf (200 Solemn Faces) 
-----  Army 
-----  The Battle of Who Could Care Less 
-----  Best Imitation of Myself 
-----  Your Redneck Past 
-----  Selfless Cold and Composed 
-----  Mess 
-----  Smoke 
-----  Kate 
-----  Jane 
-----  Brick 
-----  Missing the War 
-----  Twin Falls [Built to Spill cover] 
-----  Don't Change Your Plans 
Side B
Ben Folds  There's Always Someone Cooler Than You 
-----  Protection 
-----  Rockin' the Suburbs 
-----  Make Me Mommy! 
-----  Army 
-----  Zak and Sara 
-----  All You Can Eat 
-----  Rent-a-Cop 
-----  Fired 
-----  Inbetween Days [Cure cover] 
-----  Annie Waits 
-----  Gone 
-----  Silver Street 
-----  Not the Same 
-----  Wandering 
The Bens  Bruised 
Ben Folds  Give Judy My Notice 
-----  Still Fighting It 
-----  One Down 
-----  The Secret Life of Morgan Davis 


After years of hearing my constant mentions of a certain bespeckled piano man, a few friends asked me to make them Ben Folds mix CDs. Three months later, I can finally honor their requests. This is by no means a best of or even a collection of my favorite songs. Rather, I simply picked songs I thought they'd like. Time, flow, and accessibility cause me to cut some of my all-time favorites (like the Bens version of Wicked Little Town, the Ascent of Stan, and anything from Fear of Pop), but other than that, I'm pretty proud of it. I figured I'd better post it now before I get anal-retentive again and three months turns into four.


Date: 1/26/2005
very very awesome.
Date: 1/27/2005
Just started to get into Ben Folds myself.This looks superb.
Date: 1/27/2005
I hope that your efforts are appreciated!
Date: 1/27/2005
Mr. Folds is one of my all-time favorites. I would call this a very good mix to get someone into the Ben groove... Bloody bloody brilliant. (I LOVE THAT MAN.)
Date: 1/28/2005
wonderful wonderful mix. you commented on my "Go Tell Your Friends Im Still a Feminist" mix, I got the Ben Folds song from the livejournal community ben_folds_fans some random wonderful person uploaded it.
Date: 2/3/2005
Awesome...and now you can add "Landed," too!
Erock Music
Date: 2/19/2005
Though I don't think I could do a Ben mix without "Air", this is great.