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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Private Revolutions

Artist Song
Ani DiFranco  Second Intermission 
Noise for Pretend  Pants With His Halfway Down 
Bikini Kill  Alien She 
Bikini Kill  Suck My Left One 
Ben Folds  There's Always Someone Cooler Than You 
Erykah Baddu  Bag Lady 
Fleetwood Mac  Dreams 
Kathleen Hannah  I Wish I Was Him 
Julie Ruin  Tania 
Ben Folds Five  Jane 
Le Tigre  Eau D'Bedroom Dancing 
Led Zeppelin  Tangerine 
Tori Amos  Happy Phantom 
Zwan  Lyric 
Wookiefoot  Far From Good 
The Verve  So Sister 
Rufus Wainwright  Beautiful Child 
Polyphonic Spree  Soldier Girl (Section 9) 
Belle and Sebastian  Dear Catastrophe Waitress 
Bikini Kill  Rebel Girl 
Blanket Music  Pigeon 
PJ Harvey  My Own Private Revolution 


I have a friend who's going through some serious social problems. Thought I'd help her through it and tell her everythings ok with this mix. We all have problems and we're all different. Not everyones going to like you. deal with have a private revolution


Date: 2/2/2005
good advice and mix.
lipstick vogue
Date: 2/3/2005
Indeed, a good mix! I always send Jane to my friends that are feeling blue.
Date: 3/24/2005
Rockin' mix. And, you've got Kat Hanna in many of her incarnations.