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Ode To The Diehard Mets Fan

Artist Song
New York Mets  Meet The Mets (Original 1962 version) 
Monty Python  I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts 
Bob Costas  Miracle Mets Win World Series (dialogue) 
Alice In Chains  Man In The Box 
WFAN  Game 6, 1986 World Series 
Frank Sinatra  It Was A Very Good Year 
The Offspring  What Happened To You? 
The Eurythmics  Here Comes The Rain Again 
Metallica  The Memory Remains 
Terry Cashman  Talkin' Baseball (2000 Mets version) 
FOX Sports  Game 5, 2000 NLCS 
AC/DC  Back In Black 
MC Shan  Kill That Noise 
FOX Sports  Mets vs Yankees intro 
REM  Everybody Hurts 
U2  Love Is Blindness 
Ozzy Osbourne  Dreamer 
Bob Dylan  Things Have Changed 
Rancid  Fall Back Down 
INXS  New Sensation 
Jay-Z  Dirt Off Your Shoulder 
DMX  We Right Here 


Been working on this off-and-on for the past year or two. Tracks 1-15, I was going for a chronology of Met highlights, with tracks 16-22 a commemeration of the emotional yo-yo that is being a Met fan from season to season.

Beltran, Cam, Floyd, Mientkiewicz, Kaz, Reyes, Wright, Piazza, Pedro and a beast of a bullpen...

Ya Gotta Believe, folks.


Date: 2/4/2005
Nice theme and execution! Now back to the "real" world-go Yanks.