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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

(then the cat comes) We're Birds Without Wings

Artist Song
Coldplay  Don't Panic 
Joni Mitchell  A Case of You 
David Gray  Debauchery 
Joseph Arthur  You've Been Loved 
Ben Folds  Learn To Live With What You Are 
Death Cab For Cutie  We Looked Like Giants 
Fountains of Wayne  I've Got a Flair 
Minus the Bear  Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!! 
Joss Stone  Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' On Me?) Pt. 1 
Ryan Adams  Wish You Were Here 
Jack Johnson  Better Together 
The Postal Service  Brand New Colony 
John Lennon  Watching the Wheels 
Duncan Sheik  Half Life 
Iron & Wine  Ab's Song 
matt pond PA  Measure 3 
Wilco  The Lonely 1 
Nada Surf  Paper Boats 
Josh Rouse  Life 
Damien Rice  The Blower's Daughter 


I am just re-entering the mix-making world...and now I feel I am actually qualified. I just spent the last couple days on this first one, and it's for someone. So, this mix is a little bit of everything we have, don't have,need, want, are, and should be...mixed in with a couple bands I've been wanting him to hear. I think it turned out pretty darn good.


Free From Tethers
Date: 3/25/2005
Brand New Colony is my favorite Postal Service song...If you couldn't already tell. Like the Wilco and Ryan Adams selections as well.
Date: 3/25/2005
Hahaha...well can you tell what vocalist I'm obsessed with by MY user name? ctm...
Date: 3/25/2005
very nice. :) *thumbs up*
Date: 3/26/2005
Welcome to the site and keep the mixes coming.
Date: 3/27/2005
I've got a flair for pulling your hair and making you crazy. Oh yeah. It's something I do well.

And I've never heard "Ab's Song."