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some things you do in the city

Artist Song
vetiver  farther on 
brendan benson  what i'm looking for 
built to spill  distopian dream girl 
the weakerthans  reconstruction site 
the anniversary  never die young 
robbers on high street  japanese girls 
the dismemberment plan  if i don't write 
earlimart  all they ever do is talk 
neva dinova  she can't change 
okkervil river  song about a star 
old 97's  crash on the barrelhead 
lou barlow  confused 
the mountain goats  cotton 
rilo kiley  go ahead 
beulah  you're only king once 
haley bonar  bless this mess 


for my life-fast-die-young rock and roll friend, who i inexplicably fall into bed with every time we see each other on tour. this is kind of about that.


Date: 10/17/2007
I really like this mix.