Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul (Disc 2)

Artist Song
Julie Doiron  Five 
The Jealous Sound  Anxious Arms (LP Version) 
The Postal Service  Natural Anthem 
Radiohead  Hunting Bears 
Hot Water Music  Western Grace 
Husker Du  Divide And Conquer 
American Heartbreak  Not Alright 
Arab Strap  Coming Down 
American Football  But The Regrets Are Killing Me 
Hankshaw  Lead Suits Of Armor 
The Black Heart Procession  Only One Way 
Sunday's Best  Love My Friends, Hate My Life 
The GC5  The Long Goodbye 
James Chance  Contort Yourself 
Saint Etienne  The Place At Dawn 
Nico  These Days 
Seam  Road To Madrid 
Rachel's  Third Self-Portrait Series 
Isis  False Light 
Bikini Kill  Rebel Girl 


I recently went home for the first time in three years to visit friends. This is one of the mixes I made to say thank you to a friend who put me up while I was in town. I hadn't thought about it while I was making the mix, but in some ways, I suppose it reflects my emotions about the trip - happiness, joy ... and sadness at leaving.