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Fluorescent Lamp on the Fritz, pt. 2: Get the Head Back

Artist Song
After Dinner  A Walnut 
Ghost  Regenesis 
Akabushi  Television 
Melt-Banana  Get the Head Back 
Tujiko Noriko  White Film 
Hanatarash  77UP 
OOIOO  Oizumio 
Buffalo Daughter  Pshychic-A-Go-Go 
Polysics  Good 
Cornelius  Drop 
ya-to-i  Funny Feelin' 
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble  Preach 
54-71  Void 
Omoide Hatoba  Go 
Nobukazu Takemura  Sign (Album Version) 
Boredoms  Super Going 
Gerogerigegege  Go to Bed 
Hanadensha  Seasky Rainbow 


I've finally done it. Part one of a two part series mapping out what I have determined to be a wild, incredible source of musical vitality: the Japanese fringe. This disc explores more "regular" rock, pop, what have you, but rest assured that it is far from regular, and some of it is just, quite frankly, still experimental music. It is, however, much more accessible to more ears than the first part, and even often traditionally beautiful. Go for it.