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"someday when we are rockstars together in new york city..."

Artist Song
bikini kill  feels blind 
julie ruin   the punk singer 
jawbreaker  boxcar 
the butchies  more rock, more talk 
weezer  suzzane 
sicko   closer to fine [indigo girls cover] 
crayon  penny lock 
the pixies  debaser 
apani b. fly emcee  estragen 
liz phair  fuck and run 
elliott smith  sweet adeline 
bob dylan   when the ship comes in 
sparklehorse  almost lost my mind 
braid  there is a light that never goes out 
sunny day real estate  in circles 
modest mouse  third planet 
julie ruin  breakout a-town 
le tigre  manifesto in g 
belle and sebastian  sleep the clock around  
american football  never meant 
the jazz june   at the artist's leisure part II 
the lapse   fruit 


a mix for my friend megan who lives too far away. just a bunch of good stuff that i don't think shes heard much of. it starts kinda loud and then gets into softer songs. title is from a letter she wrote me yesterday.


Date: 1/29/2001
This is just a great mix...I'm in the process of making a similiar mix..(and I wanna be a rock star too--maybe River Cuomo :))