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Artist Song
Julee Cruise  Into the Night  
Cromagnon  Organic Sundown  
Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide  Derailment 
The Spinto Band  My Teddy Bear 
The Black Dahlia Murder  When the Last Grave Has Emptied  
Danielson Famile  What to Wear 
David Bowie  African Night Flight  
Ciccone Youth  G-Force  
19/JUKE  Track 10 from (19/19) 
Tricky  Vent 
Kool Keith  Rockets on the Battlefield 
Quasimoto  Astro Black  
Busta Rhymes  Extinction Level Event 
The Residents  Burn My Bones  
Merzbow  Sphere Pt. 2  
Tortoise  Dwellers 


I asked my friend Sam for a theme. He said, "Like what?" I said, "Anything. Mood, genre, abstract idea..." He blurted out, "BEARWIZARDBLACK." This is an attempt to fulfill the idea. Black is obvious in a few ways. Wizardry is present, but subtlely. As for bears... well, I guess one track is about them.


Date: 5/28/2005
Something off Bowie's Lodger, Ciccone Youth AND Busta -- lurvin' it!