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Artist Song
Ladytron  Destroy Everything You Touch  
Goldfrapp  Ooh La La  
Annie  Heartbeat (Maximo Phones remix) 
Metric   Hardwire  
The Organ  Sinking Hearts  
Broken Social Scene  Backyards  
Stereolab  Peng 33 
Electrelane  Atom's Tomb  
Brakes  All Night Disco Party  
Nine Inch Nails  The Hand That Feeds (DFA remix) 
As Mercenarias  Inimigo 
Adult.  Hold Your Breath  
Tuxedomoon  No Tears  
The Dead 60's  Riot Radio  
Thunderbirds Are Now!   Do The Splits And Say Neat! 
Art Brut  Bang Bang Rock And Roll 
The Ponys  We Shot The World  
Ted Leo  Loyal To My Sorrowful Country 
Sons & Daughters  Taste The Last Girl 
Aerospace  Tenderness Is The Plight Of The Weakerthan 
The Go! Team  Huddle Formation  
Beck  Que Onda Guero 


This is my idea of the perfect soundtrack to an 'All Night Disco Party!' Most of this music is what I found on glorious music blogs! I don't know what I'd do without them. The image is unbelievably awesome too which I also found online. It's so subversive; I love it! I love this mix so much that I'm willing to make a copy for everyone who'd like one. Just contact me!
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Date: 7/29/2005
I only know 5 of these artists, but from what I can tell it looks like a cool mix.
Date: 8/23/2005
I swear to god, more fabulous mixes like this go un-noticed every day. Congratulations on a stellar compilation. Keep up the good work.