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Everything Is Illuminated

Artist Song
Broadcast  America's Boy  
Odawas  If It Smells Like A Rain Cloud 
Slow Dazzle  Fleur De Lie  
Styrofoam & Sarah Shannon  I Found Love (The Free Design cover) 
Bettie Serveert  Lover I Don't Have to Love (Bright Eyes cover) 
Dios Malos  Asshole (Beck cover) 
Black Box Recorder  Seasons In The Sun (cover) 
Au Revoir Simone  Backyards 
Broadcast  I Found The F  
Dead Meadow  At Her Open Door  
The Concretes  Miss You (Rolling Stones cover) 
Harry Nilsson  Without Her  
Arcade Fire  Cold Wind  
The Duke Spirit  Wooden Heart (demo) 
Phoenix  Everything Is Everything (acoustic version) 
Ryan Adams  Wonderwall (Oasis cover) 
Mellow  Kites Are Fun (The Free Design cover) 
Spacemen 3  Walking With Jesus (demo) 
Mahogany  Metro  
Broadcast  Goodbye Girls  
Seefeel  Plainsong 


This mix is so beautiful. I've fallen in love with it. I had to put 3 Broadcast songs in there because they're brand new and they're simply my most favorite band. I think this has a nice flow to it and would make many people cry by the beauty of the songs on it. The artwork is by the beloved artist Jeremy Blake once again and the image was made for for the film "Punch Drunk Love." I think it's one of the most stunning images I've ever seen. It looks great as the mix artwork too when you hold it in your hands. I could stare at it all day. I am offering this mix up again for anyone who's interested. It's worth the effort to contact me to hear and see this mix; I'm not lying. It may take me a while to send it out but it will get to you eventually. Word!
Edit: Apparently, the image file is too big to upload on here but anyone can access it in all it's original size and glory at the follwing link: http://damienfree.fr.free.fr/image%20cannes/understand_punch_drunk_love.jpg
Isn't it beautiful? I told you so. Haha. It has also become my background image on my Myspace profile... it looks good there too.


Date: 8/18/2005
huh! i'm enjoying broadcast also, i can't believe i haven't heard them before.
Date: 8/19/2005
if i may suggest...
broadcasts "illumination" (off EP 2)would actually fit nicely on here too, and in a fitting stroke of irony, goes with the title.
Date: 8/20/2005
that was an excellent book- there's a movie coming out based off the book with elijah wood