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OINGO BOINGO - "Clowns Of Death: A Primer" (1980-1987) (Redux)

Side A
Artist Song
The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo  Tender Lumpings 
Oingo Boingo  Who Do You Want To Be  
Oingo Boingo  Only A Lad  
Oingo Boingo  Wild Sex (In The Working Class)  
Oingo Boingo  No One Lives Forever  
Oingo Boingo  Not My Slave  
Danny Elfman  Go Away  
Oingo Boingo  Grey Matter  
Oingo Boingo  Weird Science (Single Mix) 
Oingo Boingo  Pain  
Oingo Boingo  No Spill Blood  
Oingo Boingo  On The Outside  
Danny Elfman  Gratitude 
Oingo Boingo  Violent Love  
Oingo Boingo  Where Do All My Friends Go  
Oingo Boingo  What You See  
Oingo Boingo  Heard Somebody Cry  
Oingo Boingo  Capitalism  
Oingo Boingo  Running On A Treadmill  
Oingo Boingo  Little Guns  
Oingo Boingo  HIDDEN TRACK: Budweiser commercial 
Side B
Oingo Boingo  Little Girls  
Oingo Boingo  Good For Your Soul  
Oingo Boingo  Just Another Day  
Oingo Boingo  Private Life  
Oingo Boingo  Sweat  
Oingo Boingo  Ain't This The Life (Live) 
Oingo Boingo  New Generation  
Oingo Boingo  Dead Man's Party  
Oingo Boingo  Nasty Habits  
The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo  Forbidden Zone (Full-Length Version) 
Oingo Boingo  Whole Day Off  
Oingo Boingo  Pictures Of You  
Oingo Boingo  Stay  
Oingo Boingo  My Life  
Oingo Boingo  Why'd We Come  
Oingo Boingo  I'm So Bad  
Oingo Boingo  Controller  
Oingo Boingo  Reptiles And Samurai  
Oingo Boingo  Goodbye, Goodbye  


This is actually a double CD set, not a cassette as listed at the top. Anyway, this is the redux of the Boingo mix I first submitted several years ago. I'd been toying around with the idea of doing this for a while, but was really inspired to do it recently after seeing the (somewhat lackluster) "Tribute to Halloween" concert put on by Boingo drummer Johnny Vatos on the 29th. Anyway, there are a few significant changes here: (1) The set begins with the original version of "Tender Lumplings" as performed by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, the theatrical group formed by Danny's brother Richard in the early '70s which later morphed into Oingo Boingo. This comes from an old videotape and thus is of less-than CD quality. (2) I relented and added "Weird Science." First of all, it occured to me that, as hip as it is to hate the song, I just don't. Plus, it's the one song that even people who don't know the band have probably heard, so now I feel better about using this set as a starter kit for the (relatively) uninitiated. (3) "Ain't This The Life" is now the live version from "Urgh! A Music War," as opposed to the slower, somewhat mannered "Oingo Boingo" EP version. I just think the live version has so much more energy and conviction, and I finally found a pristine mp3 of it. (4) "Forbidden Zone" is presented in its vastly superior full-length demo version. I relented the first time around because the mp3 sounded so bad, but I sent it to an audio engineer friend and he cleaned it up pretty substantially. It's not flawless, but it's decent enough to fit in with the CD sourced tracks surrounding it. Finally (5) "Good For Your Soul" had to be moved to disc 2, and the Budweiser commercial to the end of disc 1. That's all for the best, actually, since the commercial is a parody of "Who Do You Want To Be," which opens that disc. As per last time, there's nothing from the final two albums here, as I don't feel they really fit in well with the peak material from the first seven years. One small note: the "Danny Elfman" tracks are actually Oingo Boingo, but were released as such for contractual reasons, and because the band never thought they were quite right for Oingo Boingo. Anyway, enough of my yakkin'. If you like the music of Danny Elfman and haven't heard his phenomenal, vastly underrated little band, maybe it's time you gave them a shot. All songs are original studio versions unless otherwise indicated.
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Date: 11/5/2005
The movie Weird Science is such a guilty pleasure of mine... thanks for the primer on this band who I knew little about.
under covers
Date: 11/5/2005
oh my god i love you
The Nightcrawler
Date: 11/7/2005
Meticulous. It's nice to see people revisiting mixes from time to time.
Date: 11/7/2005
Yes! This is the greatest thing to appear on this website in quite a while.
Date: 11/24/2005
must confess that not only did I not know any of this - I hadn't even heard of Oingo Boingo. I'm (almost) a convert now. Good job (it took some research).