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Ol' Aunty MetaChat

Artist Song
The Beatles  Dig It  
Stereolab  Percolator  
Question Mark & The Mysterians  96 Tears  
The Kingsbury Manx  And What Fallout!  
The Happy Bullets  The Vice and Virtue Ministry  
Josef K  Sorry for Laughing  
The Vandalias  The End of the World  
The Wedding Present  Kennedy  
Leonard Cohen  There is a War  
Essie Jain  Disgrace  
Ween  The Mollusk  
The Stranglers  (Get a) Grip (on Yourself)  
Nick Lowe  Heart of the City  
The Unknowns  Dream Sequence  
Kate Bush  There Goes a Tenner  
Greg Brown  Where is Maria?  
Dan Bern  I'm Not the Guy  
Dungen  Lejonet & Kulan  
le magicien  Milkmaid  
Fluke  Squirt  
Electrelane  The Valleys  
The Beta Band  It's Over  
Air  Dead Bodies  


A random mix I made. After some thought, I dedicated it to, the chatty aunt of MetaFilter. The mix is available to download here if you'd like it too:


Date: 11/28/2005
Looks to be a good one, great closing track!
Date: 11/29/2005
i like your mix.