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Alternative - Goth Rock

Just a mix I made for someone when I lent them one of my Gloomcookie comics.
This mix was made last Halloween for the kid who would one day become my boyfriend... although I had no idea at the time. I was just making a mix for a good friend, nothing more. Although now he prefer …
by Yldarb
This tape was made April 2007 for Kaden Mack, a very close and special person to me.
Mixes 1-3 were un inspired and mostly re-creating past mixes using a new program. This is borrowed from a few past mixes and added in some new stuff I have never played before. Demo disc for trying to  …
4/5 (It took me a long time to do this because i needed to get another copy of Pornography.)
Follow up to romance comes remorse... Follows a pattern of sorts. Made for my new friend.
Disc 1 of a two disc set for a friend that I just met , we share the same musical interests and I wanted to make her smile.
My first serious crush was a Goth girl. She was definitely considered an outcast in my little town of Los Banos. I remember her pale skin, short black dresses, and dark red lipstick. Her name was Delan …
Here's a zip file for Jason's Goth Mix: Stretching the "Goth" definition, as per my preference of the post-punk aspects of Goth as opposed to the more cartoonish aspects of the genre. The Chills and De …
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