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Theme - Depression

when you're feeling down and there's no one left around, hang your head and sigh and listen to the songs
Candra Gill requested a goth mix on the bulletin board, so...here it is. There's some industrial stuff on here, too, since the two genres kind of go hand-in-hand.
This is the soundtrack for an imaginary movies that lives inside my head
by J.C.1
A brief glimpse into my depressed state of mind, the first of several mixes, progresses from the state of hopelessness to eventual suicide, and ends with a final redemption. Every song has a deeper mea …
This is sort of a sequel to (or continuation of, or the culmination of the leftovers from) "A Glimpse of Lost Time." I made an effort not to use as many songs by The Cure on this tape, since just about …
February 1990 -- Songs to make you angry about whatever you were formerly depressed over.
April 1989, when I was 16. I still tend to try and put slightly more upbeat songs at the end of depression mixes.
by Wemple
This tape is dedicated to my friends Detty Phonthipsavath and Eric Schwarzkopf. They were killed in a (drunk driving) car accident on May 29, 1999. The songs on here either had some significance in our …