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Theme - Depression

by mens
a 1995 sons of suburbia mix . . . good for solo night drives or alcohol binges (don't drink & drive!) . . . wallow in suburban style
by Parks
This is a tape I put on when I want to be depressed. C'est Domage means "it's sad" in French. If you want to trade, drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.
A collection of songs that grapple with fear, self-pity, broken hearts and shattered dreams. A bit like life itself.
This is a collection of sad songs that is particularly meaningful to me - it was recorded in my bedroom during a particularly dark night of the soul. I've always felt that feeling depressed or sad is m …
by Candra
I'll probably make a happier mix when I'm in a better mood, although I don't think there's a category for "happy" mixes.
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