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Theme - Road Trip

by mens
sons of suburbia . . . i made this mix on the 13th and 14th of july 1998 . . . while choosing the songs and arranging the order i kept constant in my mind the vision of the highway flying by at 100+ mi …
Here's the story: My friend needed to drive from San Jose, California to Stockton, California in order to drop off a check. It had to be done that night, after work, and she had to be back the same nig …
February 27, 1998...my friends Sean and Ben were driving to Montreal to pick up our friend Grant to bring him home for his birthday (February 28, which is my birthday too)...i thought it would be nice  …
April 28, 1998...this more of a plane trip tape, actually...i made it for my friends Alanna (side A) and Ben (side B) for them to listen to on their backpacking-across-Europe trip...all the artists are …
I made this as a soundtrack for my trip to America
Obviously, the word "blues" is used somewhat loosely here. This was made with Northern Nevada in mind, with its eerie contrast of desolation and strike-it-rich-neon-dazzle. As I often do, I used segmen …
Since I still use a discman/tape adapter, I don't take my player and CD's across town to work. I threw together my favorites out of what I've bought and/or gotten free this year (the perks of working i …
I made this tape for my friend Selena while she wa