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Theme - Sleep

it was partially inspired by the soundtrack to the movie "elizabethtown."
this mix never fails to calm me and make me "trance out", from which state it's easy to slip into sleep. normally I don't put more than one song by any one artist on a cd but for some reason I did this …
I made this mix of soft and slow songs to play as I fall to sleep. There are a few Aussie artists on this CD that some people may not know.
My roommate was sick, so I made this to heal him, body and soul.
I'm afraid vol.2 isn't quite as effective as vol.1. It was made in a bit of rush on a night when I couldn't find the definitive version, and it features several very obvious picks from my less favourit …
I've found this particular mix to be dangerously effective. It all goes a bit Fence Records heavy at the end. Or the middle. Actually, even the Gravenhurst track is from a Green Man Festival sampler, s …
this aught to do the trick
first shot at this i guess. i guess i don't have access to a lot of music, but i tried... side a starts of with i'm so tired and the luckiest (there's a story.) and the rest is mainly songs i fall asle …