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"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
"i can see a lot of life in you"
"sleep to dream"
"Where Mute Memories Start Talking"
(d) songs for the darkness
(It's almost winter)
*~*if only tonight we could sleep...*~*
*i can't sleep, i can't speak to you*
...Sing Me to Sleep
..wrapped in white sheets like an angel from a bedtime story..
@ 7 Siksy Fix Mix Side B
There's a place so dark,you can't see the end
Walking With Shadows
118. Go To Sleep Little Baby
1 a.m. Nap Time
1.8.2005 Pink Moon
2:58 a.m.
2Late: Last Disc of the Night
4 Hours Of Sleep Doesn't Cut It Anymore
A Dream of a Blue Moon
a late night radio dial
A Little Night Music . . .
A Little Night Music...
a long way to run
A Lullaby Makes You Feel Better
A Man Will Have to Die to Stop This Lullaby
A Mix For Riley
A Modest Proposal
A Moment Before Sleep
A More Resilient Earth, Vol. 2
A New Day To See
A quiet night in
a rainy afternoon nap
A Relaxing Mix For Swap-Bot
A Secret Tear - Bedtime Music For My Three Year Old Daughter
a song or two to haunt you in the dark
a soundtrack for dreams
A Starry Sky On Jupiter
A Successful Journey
a thousand flowers could bloom
a warm place
a winter's kiss
a world so slow. [disc one]
a world so slow. [disc two]
After Sunset, Before Dawn
After the Car Rush
After Toil, Sleep - Part II
Airplane Jamz
All Dreams Have A Meaning - All Dreams Have An Ending
All I Hear Is Your Heart: Music to Rest With
all i need is a little time
All in All, It Was a Pretty Nice Day
all my eyes can see is all i know.
all of these buckets
All Pink and Disheveled
all things good and nice
All your dreams and your schemes
Alternative Nation
amazing still it seems
An Evening Star
And After Midnight...
And as you drift away...
And the clouds become transcendent
And the clouds become transcendent (Redux! Redux! Reduxzzzzzzzzzzz...)
and the last thing i remember is your smile
and within those eyes i saw black...
Annoy the neighbors pt.1
Annoy the neighbors Pt.2
Annoy the neighbors Pt.3
Annoy the neighbors Pt.4
Apparently nothing
approaching hysteria syberiana
Arachnophobia is taking me home.
are you awake?
As I lay me down to sleep
As you sleep and no one is listening
At 3 am the universe expands- or maybe I just shrink
at a glance
avoiding the vices of altruism -or- a song to tame orpheus
baby mix
Beautiful Dreamer
because i know how much you hate plane rides
because the people sleeping in the room with me never shut up
Bedtime for Babies
Bedtime... again
best cd ever
best mix ever
Better than Barbiturates
better than nytol
better than nytol 2 (extra strength)
Between the Sheets
Billy bob Thornton
Birds Calling At Dusk
black coffee and cigarettes (like a vigil)
bleed myself to sleep
blood stained on an ageless sky
blow the moon out, please.
blue green dream swirl
Book Of Matches
Brahms Hath Murdered Sleep! Lullabies for the Insomniac
breathe.. keep breathing. don't lose your nerve.
Bringing it Down
brunettes e.p., P.S./A.B. e.p., more
burning black, smoldering softly
But as for now, I'm going to...
But I'm not tir - ::snores ensue::
caffeine come-down.
calling the moon
calm down man
Cameltoes And The Robotic Vegetables
Camping on the Couch: an input mix
Can A Brother Get A Nap Around Here?
Celtic Hypnosis
Center of Attention: A Guster Mix
Child, You Are a Bone
Chill Mix
Chilled II
Chilling is sometimes just as Filling
Chill-Out Mix for Swap-Bot Vol. 1
christmas present (11/12/01)
close ur eyes
close your eyes (lullabies)
Close your eyes and listen ...
Coastal Chill
Come Lay Your Bones on the Alabaster Stones ...
come roll on the floor with me
comfortably numb
Completely Motionless
Completely Motionless
continuity of sleep?
counting sheep
Counting Sheep
Cradle and All
Crusin' for a Snoozin'
Cry Comfortably: Baby's First Mix
cut through the gravity
cute lullabies
Dark blue
darkness has so much more style
Dave's Faves Vol.1 - The Clouds Will Be Your Guide
dead finks don't talk
dear dylan, dear oliver
Deep Freeze: Version 1.0.( A Chill-Out Mix )
Descent Into The Maelstrom
Dim the lights, baby... Slowcore brought some friends along
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Do I Dream Of Electric Sheep?
don't be afraid , you have just got your eyes closed
Don't it make you want to lay down and close your eyes?
don't let me disappear
Don't You Know You've Got Your Daddy's Eyes
Dreamer's Disease
dreaming about sleeping makes me tired
Dreaming About Those Corona Beer Commercials Where I'm 1000 Miles From Anywhere
Dreaming of Sleep
Dreaming, I Am (Another Space Mix)
Dreams of Commerce
Dreamtime in Cali
Drift into Sleep
Drifting Away After a Night of Smoking on the Dock and Feeling Infinite
Drifting Off...
driving to atlantis
Dusks, Dawns
eighteen year old with lullabies
Embers And Envelopes ( Chill Mix )
Emotional Ketchup Burst
every dream i dream
Everything Was Quiet: Relax, Please
ex nihilo, nihil fit
eyes slowly close
Fall Asleep In The Arms Of Love
Fall Asleep Part 1.
Fall Asleep Part 2.
Falling Asleap
Falling Asleep At Daybreak
Falling Asleep on Broadway
Falling Asleep Or To My Death
Falling asleep to rain
Falling in a Headlong
Falling Out
fear is the future
feel alone and you want somebody...(vol.2)
feel like i'm back- test mix
Feeling Uninspired, Think I'll Start a Fire
fireflies tickle your nose at night
First Breath After Coma
Floating Down
Floating Down A River
Floating In space on cloud 9 dreaming the perfect dream
Floating on Flathead Lake
Flying Kites At Midnight
For Contemplation
For the Prima Ballerina, a Mouthful of Air
For when you find/you've been living all this time
Forgetting How To Swim; or The Inevitable Drowning In Seas of Sleep
Frail, Smiling Solace of an Hour
From This Dark, Cold Hotel Room
from Zen to Sleep in 20minutes
fuck sleeping pills
get a move on.
gift mix number 5 - he called it "may 20"
go back to sleep.
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to Sleep
go to sleep karen (for my sister)
Go to sleep now, my darling...
go to sleep, little earth
Going Out Like a Baby
going to bed tunes
Golden slumbers
Goodnight sweetheart mix
goodnite lullabies for a 16 year old
grab some oj and chill
Grey Sky Morning
Hallowe'en '05 Pt. II & III
Happy to Nap: A Critical Analysis of Radical Economics...
hate the roommates
Haunting Melodies
Have you been half asleep?
haven't had a dream in a long time...
haven't laughed this hard in a long time/better stop now before I start crying
he likes it "chill"
head on the pillow
Heavy With Seed, Like Poppies
Here you come again,only in my sleep
Hit the pillow
Hold Your Kite
hollow hills
house of cards, you fall hard
Hush Now. Quiet, Baby
i am not afraid, i can be brave like you
i am sleeping in a fort in my closet tonight
I can't function
I could see you ten or twelve times a day
i don't wanna live my life like a story
i don't want to wake up on my own anymore
I Dream in Sound
I Got Slow Motion On My Side
I guess a lullaby wont do
i had a dream as vast as you
I Haven't Slep Right Since February 15
i hope that i don't fall in love with you
I just need to think about this for a minute...
i just want to sleep the end of the semester away
i miss your quiet, quiet heart
I Need Sleep
i need your lovin like the sunshine
I Really Hope This Is All A Dream (4/2/07)
I Saw A Shadow Touch A Shadow's Hand
i should be sleeping
i think i've been asleep most of my life.
i wanna be sedated
i want to fall asleep (and never wake back up)
I Was An Optimist
I Will Tuck You In...
I wish I had a horse's head, a tiger's heart, an apple bed....
I wish I had a horse's head, a tiger's heart, an apple bed....2
I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight
I Woke Up In A Strange Place
I'd sleep if my mind didnt keep me awake
If ever.
If I close my eyes I'll sleep for days
If I could sleep forever
If I Could Sleep Forever
If I Could Sleep I'd Sleep (vol. 1)
If I Could Sleep I'd Sleep (vol. 2)
If I Die Before I Wake
If I Had to Do It All Again, I Wouldn't
If I Was A Butterfly I'd Live For A Day
If I'm So Sleepy Why Am I Uploading This Playlist?
if my conversational skills dont put you to sleep this oughta!
if this were swimming, then i'd surely drown
If Those Pills Don't Work...
if you're small and on a search, i've got a feeder for you to perch on.
Igloo/Hot Dog/Samurai Lincoln
i'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl
I'm from the United States of Kiss My Ass
i'm going out sleepwalking
I'm Going too Sleep (Almost Asleep), Vl.1
I'm Going Too Sleep (SHUTUP and Let Me Sleep), Vl. 2
I'm gonna spend the weekend in the bathtub
i'm in a lull: midnight music
i'm not afraid of the dark
I'm Not Tired... I Just Sleep
I'm Only Sleeping
im scared of the dork. i mean dark
I'm sleeping on something uncomfortable but I'm still happy and tired
in her autobiography
In My Wildest Dreams
in the arms of sleep
in the dark
induce rem
Innocent When You Dream
insomniac's lullabies
insomniac's lullabies (part ii)
Insomniac's Worst Nightmare
Into the Depths
Into The Ether
Into the Womb
Introveneously Place the Music Into My Soul
it was such a perfect day.
It's More Fun to Commute
It's More Fun to Commute
It's More Fun to Commute
It's so cold in Alaska
i've slept for days...or what's it like to be an ice particle
je regarde le disc jockey
Just a huge manatee
Just forget about the world and sleep
Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space
Late night, chill out & dream music
late nite with lisa
Late-Night Lullaby
laura's birthday mix part 3 - sing my baby to sleep
lay me down- jocelyn's lullaby
lazy summer days
less talk, more sleep
let's build a mountain...
Let's Get Lost
lets get under the covers
listen to this whilst having nasty dirty sex, and think of me, your cousin
little sounds for empty nights
Lost in music
love letter to an insomniac
low light dreams
Lullabies for No One
Lullabies For The Jilted Generation
Lullabyes & Dreams
m a c h i n a t i o n s _ l a _ l u n a
m a c h i n a t i o n s _ l a _ l u n a _ (tape 2)
make a wish: and meet me in your dreams.
Marky Sicky
may sleep perchance to dream
may your sleep be like sailing down the rivers of heaven
maybe treat her halfway decent?...she's not going to wait around for you forever...
Medicinal Post Exam Playlist (Part 1)
Medicinal Post Exam Playlist (Part 2)
Medicinal Post Exam Playlist (Part 3)
Medicinal Post Exam Playlist (Part 3)
mello mix
Mello Mix Vol. V
mellow avalanche
mellow music for the month of may (30/4/02)
Melodies From Mars
meloncholic night songs..
metaphors are similes that lie.
midnight in a parallel universe
Midnight Relaxation
mingles and hangs in the air
montreal will be mine
Mood For A Moonlit Knight
Moon, Turn The Tides....gently gently away
More Like 1972-2004 (1976-1980 - Part Three)
Morphine Drip
Motion Picture Soundtrack
MTtal Lourd
music for beer man
Music For Insomniacs
Music For Sleeping
music for the worst day of your life
Music Such as Charmeth Sleep
Music to Chill to (Vol 1)
Music To Dream By
Music to Sleep To
music to sleep to.
music when the lights go out
Musical Melatonin
Musique Est Rever(Music Is Dreams) Disque Deux
Musique Est Rever(Music Is Dreams) Disque Une
musique pour banquette de t.e.r, la nuit
my first sleep tape
My Sleep Mix
My thoughts are many miles away, they lie with you when you're asleep...
My World Is Wishing Me Asleep
nachtmusik (6/9/02)
Narcoleptic Insomnia
Need For Sleep
needs work
Never Been So Surreptitious.
never should have called
Neverending Light
Neverending Night
Newborn Goodnight
Nice Dream
nice things i stuck on a compilation
Night Fever
Night Mix
Night Mix
Night Mix 2
Night Mix, vol. 2
Night Mix, vol. 3
night songs
Night Swimming (A Quiet Place)
night's closed its eyes, but you can't rest your head.
Nighty Nite
Nite Time Mix
No Sudden Flash Of Light
No Title Fits
Nocturnal Emissions, vol. 0
Nocturnal Emissions, vol. 3
Nocturnal Emissions, vol. 4
Not Guaranteed To Wake You
nothin' but my headphones and my dreams
Nothing a good nap can't fix
November Lakes Under Mt. Robson, Part 1
November Lakes Under Mt. Robson, Part 2
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...
Nyquil: The Medicating Sounds of Alpha, Goldfrapp, and Violet Indiana
older and more tired
On the edge of love
Operation: Relaxation
outer space
Overtly Mint Riddle: Lilt (CD1)
Overtly Mint Riddle: Tripped Melancholy (CD2)
Part of me that's purring... softly stirring
People in the City
perchance to dream
Pictures, Stars, and Dreams
Proprietors of Bombast
pumpkin spice
Put the Kids to Sleep
Q U I E T.
Quiescence Has Its Advantages
Quiet Music to Relax to
Quiet Time!!!!
quiet you!
Quiet You!!! (A comp from Lemur)
Rainy Days and Pillows
Random, mellow tunes
rapid eye movement
Real World Lullabies
Rock Me To Sleep: Songs For Baby Patterson
roller rink daze
Room Temperature
roses are blue
rough lullabies
Running from the dark
Sad Sad. Ness
Sad Songs For A Sade Girl
sail away with me - March 2002
Same Old Feeling Volume 1
Scott's Sleepy Mix
Screw counting sheep, my way rocks
second mix for the girl (12/11/02)
seconds from pajamas (because ali couldn't decide what to fall asleep to.)
Shhh! Sleep Mix!
Shhhhhhhhh. Sleep.
Shoegazer Dave made me do it...
Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
Silence IS the way
silent all these years
silk & satin.
simon's sleepymix
simply having a wonderful nap
sing me a lullaby...so i can die in my dreams
Sing me in the dark
Sing me in the dark
sing me to sleep
Sing me to Sleep
Sing Me to Sleep
Sing Me to Sleep
Sing Me To Sleep
sing me to sleep (2003)
sing me to sleep (for Kate)
Sing Me To Sleep, I don't Want to Wake Up on My Own Anymore
Sing me to sleep. I'm tired and I....I want to go to bed.
sing softly while i sleep...
Sleep (mini cd - 24min)
Sleep + Walk
Sleep 1
Sleep All Day: Songs To Dream By (12/5/04)
Sleep and Repeat
Sleep and Sand
Sleep Anthems Pt II
Sleep Awake
Sleep CD
Sleep CD for the Pedestrian Listener :P
-sleep collection-
sleep for a better tomorrow
sleep for waking
Sleep is comfort
sleep is the cousin of death
Sleep Ladies
Sleep Mix For The Insomniac
Sleep No. 6, Pt. 1
Sleep Off All the Noise
Sleep Spent.
sleep sweet
Sleep Tonight...
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Sleep, eat (switch sides), & Danse!
Sleep, Oh Sleep~
Sleep. (*)
sleepcore 1.2
Sleeper #1: Simple Sonambulance
Sleeper #2: Killing Sorrows With Slumber
Sleeping Alone
Sleeping Lessons
Sleeping music for Matthew
Sleeping Pill
sleeping songs (mellow music)
Sleeping to Dream
Sleepswimmer (Next Arrival)
sleepy happy nappy time (nov. 2000)
Sleepy Lullabies
sleepy morning music
Sleepy Music List
Sleepy Songs
Sleepy Time
Sleepy Time for Stoke P.
Sleepy Time for Stoke P.
sleepycd: requiem for my dreams
sleepy's 2000
Sleepytime Vol. 1
slip into unconciousness.
slow (2001)
Slow Dance On The Inside
Slow Dive
slow like this guy.
slow rhythms & sleep
Slumber Falls
smile and say goodnight
Smoking music for mopey little boys.
Smooth Sheep and the Counting Operator
smooth songs to fall asleep to
Snooze the Alarm!
so kiss me slow and rock me low
So Yeah...Horses Scare Me. They Eat Children. Or So I Heard.
soft & lazy
Soft Glitch [Vol. 1] - The Electro-Glitch Night-Switch
softer, softest
Softly, softly
Some mellow songs
Some mellow songs
some sick songs
some things can't be burned, even when they yearn to die
Someplace South of Here
Something for Autumn
something mellow
something to enjoy the back of your eyelids with
sometimes a great notion
sometimes when the night gets heavy...(vol.1)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
somnambulists anonymous
Song to the Siren (The Mellow Mix)
songs for a sleepy sister
Songs for my dear friend Anne-Marie
songs for passivists
songs for sleep
Songs for sleep V
Songs For Sonambulance I
Songs For Sonambulance II
Songs For Sonambulance III
Songs for the Middle of the Night
Songs To Ignore
Songs To Ignore 2
Songs To Ignore 3
songs to make sunsets beautiful.
songs to relax to
Songs to sleep to
Sorry for the late letter
sounds go through the muscles...
Soundtrack to a Strange Dream
space is black
Still Beneath the Sheets at 11 AM
Strong Enough For Sleep
Stuck Between Day And Night Again
Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Sub-consciousness is Only Sweet When I Hear Your Name Echoing in My Head.
Sugar Plums & Molasses
Sugar Spill; Licking Texture
sundown (this kiss volume 3)
Super Slow Sleepy Songs (part 1)
sweet dreams
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Sweet Dreams for Good Little Girls
sweet sassy molassy
Take a chill pill!
Take a Nap
Take It Home
Tears falling on Bandaged Wrists
tell me the stars are made of tin, and that theyre banging on the roof
That you have but slumber'd here
The Arms Of Morpheus
The City After Rain - music to sleep to
The City Of My Sleep
the continuing chronicles of us
the cure for insomnia
The Cure For Insomnia (Music that devours your soul)
the darkness of the night [vol.2]
The Devil In Me
The Dewey Decimal Daydream
the dreams in which i'm dying were the best i've ever had.
The End Fell Off
The Girl In The Other Room
The Jewelled Crown
the longest day
THE Mellow Mix
The Mellow Mix of '97
The Mellow Organ
the morning after...hangover mix
The Narcoleptic's Nightmare
The Only Way To Fall Asleep Is In Your Arms
The Pills Don't Work
The Porridge Brain Breakfast Tape
the principles and practice of nursing life
the science of sleep
The Second Before the Final Heartbeat
the shape of sleepy music
the sound somebody makes when they are getting away.
The Sounds Between The Solar Systems
the stars are made of tin: a bedtime mix.
The Still Sea Is Darker Than Before
The Striped Scarf Around Your Neck
The Weirdest Sleep Mix You Have Ever Seen
Then she said, "It's time for bed"
There Is A Quiet That One Longs For In The Dark.
There's a Mean Bone in My Body
They're Comin' From The Woods, oh, They're Comin' From The Woods
thick, ionized air
Think to Sleep
this gentle hearts like shot birds fallen
this is yesterday
This World Is Filled With Sadness.
Til' Morning Comes...
time spent on rainy days
tin foil mask
To Bathe The Nights In Beauty
to be confirmed....
to die, to sleep
to disappear beneath heavy eyelids
to mark oliver, my secret future husband
To Sleep
to sleep, perchance to dream
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
tones of interesting value
tonight, we sleep
Too Much to Dream
Trippen Mix Mafia
Try to keep the words from coming out
twenty two lullabies for cory
Uh little punk to snooze to
Uh little punk to snooze to
Unhooking The Stars (one by one)
Until you learn the meaning of life
untitled #1
up and down through what you thought would be your future
veika stelpa
Waking Up On A Midnight Star (Awake While Sleeping)
walking so slowly, the colours surround me.
walking so slowly, the colours surround me.
walking so slowly, the colours surround me.
walking so slowly, the colours surround me.
warm blanketfort.
Warm Blankets
Waste Deep in Her, Neck Deep in This...
We are strange and beautiful asleep; for we are the dying darkness and we know no death
We Have Your Son
we named the river
we never sleepwalk alone.
we were never more than a dream.
Weak Sleep
weeping willow
weird gets huge
wet grass
what dreams may come
What Happened To All The Romance And Adventure?
What's the word burning in your heart?
When All Else Fails, Try Science.
When are You Gonna Come Down?
When Everybody Sleeps, Then I'm Awake In My Little Room and Wonder...
When sunlight goes, One who is most
When The Night Has Come
When the Stars Go Blue
When the Sunshine Fades Away
When You Can't Get Your Eyes to Close
Why Wake Up?
wicker rocking chair
Wire Offshoot Variations
Wire Offshoot Variations
Won't You Stay The Night?
Yearning to sink into good oblivion
Yoga Mix
you can tell i have never really loved. you can tell by the way, i sleep all day.
You Show No Signs of Waking
You walk through my walls, like a ghost on tv.. you penetrate me.
Your Floor Feels Heavier Than Ever
your voice is smoking your last cigarette
You're a Cashmere Sweater
Zara's Gentle Request
ZZZ's Greg's Mix Vol.2