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Theme - Sleep

For Kirk, who's always sick.
the metallica's just a joke... it's a pretty laid back mix: perfect (i think) for rain and sleep. comments? criticisms?
just a continuation of my previous Bedtime mix... some of the same bands (some of them my all-time favorites) & same kinda slow songs.... to chill me out, fit a mellow mood i'm in, or put me to sleep.  …
Made this a few years ago to put me to sleep at night... Also, I was never much good at picking original titles :)
I've been considering this mix for a long time. Yes, the Beatles, Suzanne Vega, & Richard Thompson are amply represented, but they've each got several great songs. The title is a line from Shakespeare.
hear it and sleep.
My girlfriend just had a baby so this is my attempt to make sure his little brain isn't soiled by the bad hip-hop and R&B that is oft heard flowing through the house. It is also good sleepy time music. …
some of the "sleep classics", i've seen some of the songs i've compiled here on others' mixes. i've yet to test it though ..