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Woah, I haven't posted a mix here in years. I just haven't been able to make one that sounded like any effort was involved. This one seriously took forever to get flowing, since I would get sleepy duri …
mixdate: (probably 1997)
You will fall asleep before the list is over. I guarantee it.
As the name suggests, another Songs To Ignore mix for
This is the mix I fall asleep to. I rarely even make it past number one.. But Once I made it almost all the way through, on an especially restless night...and number sixteen did the trick.
Yet another chill out mix for yet another swap. I wanted to establish a sleepy, laid-back vibe, a set of songs that always seem to be a beat behind where they should be. I hope it worked.
Yet another chillout mix, this time for swap-bot. Wanted this to be guitar based and sort-of laid back, you know, full of songs that seem to lag a beat or so behind where they should be, full of music  …
by tomrom
Rambling, genre and era defying as usual. Story of my mixtape life!
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