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A few songs that have become my sleep soundtrack. Strangely enough, most of them remind me of certain girls and, subsequently, certain failures. What can I say? I'm a glutton for sad bastard punishment …
The very last song is one of my own...its very mellow, its also where the title came from.
2cd set. Couldnt you just die? Peacefully. That picture of Esthero fit so perfectly. I actually had to cut an Esthero track off at the last minute because I was 0:59 over!!!!!! What a tragedy. This is  …
I finally figured out how to save playlists on my piece-of-crap MP3 player late one night last month, and this is what I put together to help my restless mind get to sleep. It's got a few songs that I' …
Friends of mine just celebrated their daughter's first birthday. I'm a relatively cheap guy, so I figured instead of going out to Babies-R-Us and buying them an armor plated stroller or some such, I'd  …
admittedly not an extremely creative concept, but it's a mix i've been meaning to make.
One for those Sunday mornings ... The only day of the week (except work days) when it seems physically impossible to get out of bed. Reach over, jam the play button and zone out cause there is nothing  …
MiX 118, bY; Rob_z2.Enjoy.
This is the basic version of the lullaby mix I make for friends' and relatives' babies. I change a few things around for each little one- for example, I don't usually put "Beautiful Boy" on mixes for b …
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