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The first step in determining "Is this a good mix to fall asleep to?" is finding out whether or not the mix will, indeed, put you to sleep. In this case, yes, it did put me to sleep. Therefore, it is a …
in an attempt to make my mixes more focused comes a extreemly varied sleep tape...the only thing most of these songs have in common is that they are all slow
A request for Terry in Utah. Along with volumes 3 and 4, I hacked up what I could salvage from volumes 1 and 2 to make this, a proto-volume 5. Pleasant dreams...not.
Heavily recommended for those nights of tossing and turning. Mike Harvey is a hypnotist who hypnotized me years ago. This track is basically him putting you under self hypnosis. He counts to ten and gi …
This tape is for anyone who likes to fall asleep listening to music.
made December 1991
I made this mix last semester for a friend when I should have been studying for finals. Apparently it never got to her, and I like it so much it probably won't.
More "dark ambient"...a liitle more wide-reaching, longer tracks, more "world" rhythms...and not as scary as the others.
"Sleep" is closest I can get to categorizing this mix, although I think "dark" would be more accurate. This may not be the best tape to play when you're trying to sleep, as most of the tracks are dark  …