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Cassette | Mixed Genre
more songs about beer and drummers, september 2001. play loud, best served chilled with a twist of mint and a smoke.
Cassette | Theme
rock music. stupid, loud, fast, insane, obnoxious, heavy, kick-ass, skull-crushing, rockin' rock music. it's as simple as that.
Cassette | Single Artist
both of these collections were made onto 90-minute cassettes...of course, halfway through, my sick brain began to panic, realizing that there'd never be enough space to put everything i wanted to inclu …

rojodiablo77's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Pop
when i get me that purdy george foreman portagrill (with cherry-red plastic i-Mac styled bun warmer flip top, yeah!) i'm gonna have a wild BBQ-orgy and play this mix!! spicy and succulent, man. *burp*
Cassette | Mixed Genre
good god, this is why we make mixes, people. i want to be spun around. i want to be confused. i want to be consumed with eclecticism. take me away. and props for the utterly fantastic t-heads tune, too …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
i can only fathom how good this one must sound...a painstaking attention to sequence, fantastic atmospherics and a smart mix of artists. "no compassion" is a long-time favorite, by the way, taking me b …

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