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Cassette | Single Artist
i first made this tape a few years ago, then revamped it a bit when 'All Hands On The Bad One' came out. This is a choronological mix of SK. it includes something from every one of their releases (minu …
CD | Mixed Genre
this was made for my boss whos name i got in our secret santa thing this year. its pretty much live/rare/covers... i put it together the morning of the party (im all about the last minute gift giving!) …
CD | Mixed Genre
again, blank cd+mp3s=this mix. made yesterday for the train ride to ajax. exciting, i know. ;P

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CD | Mixed Genre
two things: 1) read his profile statement and 2) Bon Jovi - nuff said.
CD | Mixed Genre
everyone should have a copy of this. i think it would make an awesome driving cd!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
jessica. rocks. deux.

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