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jab's Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
first of all, this is a mix for me, with just makes me super happy anyway. but, besides that, its just an amazing fucking mix. from the theme to the songs to the art to the flow (no pun intended), you get immersed (that one was intended)in the music. one of the best ever. and she gave it to me on cd too so i can listen to it at work, and you know youre a fucking hardcore mix champ when you do that. <3 <3
CD | Dance - Hardcore
i was gonna write something about this mix but i forgot. *cymbal*
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
i want to see this movie. it would be the best documentary ever. amazing.
CD | Theme
anyone who makes mixes deliberately to aurally harrass their wife or anyone else is immediately put into a position of total admiration in my books lol
CD | Theme
this is one of the great tributes to geekdom. i loves it and i want to wrap it in mylar.
CD | Theme - Narrative
a wonderful and true soundtrack.
by Laicoe
CD | Mixed Genre
if you've read the book you understand. if you haven't read the book, read the book.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
raise your voice.
CD | Theme
beauty on disc. i wish i had this for those times where everything goes nuttz. one of those pure genuine emotion joints.
CD | Mixed Genre
currently the greatest mix ever.
by fucko
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a delicious musical goulash.
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
impressive. wonderful. ass kicking. informative. and would be a damn fine intro to give someone wanting to get into the hardcore punk scene. this mix is like the audio version of the great book american hardcore. woo.
by Lara
CD | Mixed Genre
this is the kind of mix that makes me want to mix more. its a really really good mix and oh, the title is sooo sooo good.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
holy s. inventive. envy. sins.
by Dom1
Cassette | Theme
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
full title: "the eddie/angle unity perfection". you will love this mix. because. perfection?...geez do i have to spell it out for you? so anyway. mixes for me are fun. woo.
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
you cannot deny the power of metal. so stop trying. it's comin for ya. forget your punk covers. metal covers are so much bettahhh.
Cassette | Theme
simply an awesome idea. this rules.