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yum, peaches. in honor of seeing her (this past saturday) is a faves of peaches mix. while one would think she would be this totally aggrochick, she was probobly the cutest most adorable thing ever. in …
CD | Theme
tonights episode: "guess who's coming to MURDER"
Cassette | Theme
everyone has their own story centralized to their envronment. notes- -2 cds. - i have no idea what the name of that cash song is. i guessed.
CD | Experimental
See previous Groundhog day mix. in essence...all mixes look the same from the outside, every three months (or...sort of) 3 songs go out, three songs go in, track order changes to taste. when i pick one …
CD | Theme
because too much transformers: the movie soundtrack is impossible.
CD | Mixed Genre
honey im a roller concrete clover. while the theme of this mix has already been debated i think its fairly obvious: itunes makes it way too easy for me to make mixes ten minutes before i leave my place …
CD | Single Artist
for she who asked for the cat! she gets the cat!
CD | Mixed Genre
oh driving and singing goodness. love it. thats right... two kelly (swoon) songs right next to each other. 4 live songs. a mix is whatever you want it to be. dont be afraid. it's ok. trust me.
CD | Single Artist
again, for Tara, this time more gooder. heh.
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