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CD | Mixed Genre
the hydra of music exists at every coordinate waiting to be reborn in a laundromat or annoying work environment. * * new music is fun.* *
CD | Experimental
ok, not sure if this really counts as experimental but, here's the deal: i've never heard any of the music on the cd, the songs or the bands, until after it was burned. I just downloaded a bunch of son …
CD | Mixed Genre
it's mostly wrobel's fault! lol. good tunes, mostly dl's to help cope with digging out a mountain from around my car. good. times.
CD | Mixed Genre
mostly downloaded from one loverly place. proper respect to adeline for the esthero/bettie goodness. who/what is indie? who cares. it's all candy when you bust it open. yummy.
CD | Single Artist
bad religion is the greatest. not a definative br mix, just one to sing along to. yay. there will be more.
CD | Mixed Genre
your boy is back...
CD | Mixed Genre
xoxo respect and sprinkles (flavour of choice) to abi d. for the tori track and pozatronic for the cat power.
CD | Mixed Genre
for everybody, love jabbers. props to adeline for the goya track. oh boya. **cough** second track dedicated to chris jericho. woo.
CD | Mixed Genre
for everybody, love jabby. shoulda been longer, but my p.c. is jerks.
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