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Drive by Shooting Productions (i work on this)

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
i made this mix during the middle of the summer. many of the songs reflect how i was feeling: bored, restless, anxious, just on the verge of going fucking nuts. or i just put on stuff i felt like liste …
Cassette | Single Artist
i made this mix a week before i saw them about a month ago. one of the best concerts ever! so much fun and they played quite a few songs that are on this mix!
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
this was made for my roomate/little sister dave who is going on a roadtrip with some kids who are going on tour. the title is from the new britney spears movie....yeah.

mindy's Last Three Favorite Mixes

MP3 Playlist | Theme - Romantic
yeah mob 47!!! :)
by teap!n
CD | Theme
this is so cool. i couldn't get this many songs with any one word in all of the titles...except for maybe the....:)
by teap!n
CD | Mixed Genre
yeah i'm addicted to this. and i have to say that teapin is awesome to trade with!

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