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Cassette | Reggae
What a mix! This mixer knows the history of ska extends past today's third-wave, and even past the hallowed Specials.
CD | Mixed Genre
I don't look through the mixes so much anymore... inferiority complex, I suppose. anyway, Curtis has thrown a bang-up bunch of styles and classic songs together here. I can almost hear the mix in me head. fabulous. the kind of mix I aim for when I make 'em.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Indeed worthy of the praise bestowed upon it. Though quite a few of these songs are out of my frame of reference (which I'm slowly widening with each passing MP3 - I mean day), the mere undertaking and accomplishment alone merit much respect. Obviously Lakespeed loves "Master & Margarita", and has spent much time absorbing the themes and finding narrative parallels in these songs. Good gosh, it's amazing.
CD | Mixed Genre
what? WHAT?
by SueEW
Cassette | Mixed Genre
And this is a much-needed (for me, anyway) lesson in how mixtapes can (and often should) FLOW. This is also the first mix I've ever received in a trade at AOTM, probably cos my stuff is 1) too mainstream too often and 2) a little too manic-depressive. any and all, this tape is a pleasure listening to, and I see that I've got my work cut out for me.
CD | Theme
Cassette | Single Artist
Yeah, this Justin fellow is the K-Tel of mixers. I half expect to see him on TNT at 2 AM hawking his usually unparalleled single-artist comps. The man likes a lot of bands. Good on 'im.
Mini-Disc | Single Artist
yeah...the Foos are great. I like that Nashman left off "Learn to Fly" and "Breakout". I woulda done the same thing.