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CD | Mixed Genre
Out of practice here at AotM. Hope everyone is having fab-o holidays. Moved from Pittsburgh to Baltimore a few months back. Music is still in boxes, had a big computer crash and lost a couple years' wo …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hello everyone! Lally here, semi-freshly relocated to Baltimore. Music still in boxes, but I was missing the whole mixing experience. So here's something of a trainwreck of a mix - fairly mellow with a …
CD | Mixed Genre
Nothing high-concept here, clearly. Just a late night mix for a day of driving. The title says it all - driving close to the curb, looking for gems amongst the garbage. Hope my AotM friends are ok - I  …

Sean Lally's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Country
Been listening to this all day. It's really beautiful. You know you have a great mix when you hear a song that you don't really like, but it fits perfectly - and lo and behold, you like it! Thanks, G.  …
Cassette | Pop
Been listening to the Family Values series for days, in the midst of cleaning out the attic. Man oh man, do these tapes kick ass! Thanks, Grease.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Just listened to this on a long trip - I LOVE THIS MIX.

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