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CD | Mixed Genre
I left a mix on a friends car one night and it took her nearly 24 hours to find it. Which gave me an idea: make some mixes and hide them around town and give clues on twitter as to where to find them.  …
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
TDK D90 All vinyl source material. Kenwood TT-4050 > TCC TC754 preamp > Tascam Porta03 deck > Grado SR60 headphones Anothwr of my famous "boy meets girl" mixes. Many hours on this one and it was never  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This edition of the Primer series is for a very, very sheltered girl. One night we were all sitting around having a drink or three, discussing music and I notice that this girl's eyes have glazed over  …

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by Linnea
CD | Mixed Genre
for lisa - no more drugs, please
CD | Theme - Romantic

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