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Umm, yeah. so... this is my latest mix. There's not much of an explaination for it. Or at least not a solid one. Bits and pieces of fleeting feelings from the past while. What can ya do? The title is a …
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Upon hearing the news that a body that is more than likely that of Layne Staley of Alice In Chains fame has been found in Staley's home, I immediately went on an Alice In Chains bender, and decided to  …
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it is now 05:21, and I've just completed this mix as a midnight improvisation. For Leigh.

Aeichele's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Mixed Genre
Agan with adding my own, which is pretty low class, but wow do I really like this mix.
CD | Single Artist
Very cool AND educational.
by 2bc
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
damn, that was a sweet set!

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