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Mike Pike Set's Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
Jaru....den hSr plattan va ju super, jiiiipiii! har inte hunnit h÷rt dom andra Sn! See you!
CD | Pop
God damned......this mix kicks me teeth out! I love all these rockers!
CD | Pop
This mix is a beauty, my favorite mix so far, i'm going to listen to it the WHOLE SUMMER!! Thanks!
CD | Single Artist
I really liked Monkees before this mix, now i LOVE them, thanks for a great mix!
CD | Mixed Genre
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!Many thanks for this one, great series, but this one is a classic!!
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Fantastiskt rakt av.....
CD | Mixed Genre
SUPERBRA rStt igenom.....Whole lotta love va en ny bekantskap f÷r mej, S+ himla svSngig och bra! Thanks!
CD | Theme
Sean.......I loooooooove this mix. I'm dancing to it in the store right now! Hope my mixes arrives to you soon! Merry christmas;)