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Disk 2 1 Low - Fear 2 Real De Catorce - Voy A Morir 3 David Hirschfelder - Moments of Genius 4 Beirut - La Llorona 5 Celso Pi±a - Si Ma±ana 6 John Jorgenson - Waltze for Mary 7 Eric Fernßndez - Shalom  …
Cassette | Singer/Songwriter
My uncle Daryl was my first musical mentor. We have traded music and mixes for over 20 years. Two years ago, I made a series of mixes for him called Back to Basics. This is about getting back to that s …
CD | Theme
My family is big on traditions and one tradition I want to carry on is passing along music to my nephews, as my uncle did for me. This is for the oldest of my nephews, who is not yet two (his mother, m …
CD | Theme
Three of these songs were quoted in my eulogy, the rest have been running through my head since Grandpa died last week, especially the after-funeral drunken bash we had in his honor at Grandma's house. …
CD | Theme
This is another mix for for my uncle, he played me the Carradine song off youtube and loved it so I built this around it with tunes with mostly similar sentiments, focusing on newer acquisitions. I hav …
CD | Theme
This was my entry to a New YearG_Ts mix-off challenge. When I first heard of it, the first line of the first song popped into my head and the rest of the mix pretty much flowed from there.
CD | Mixed Genre
I have had a lot of fun over the past few months since the inception of the Mutual Appreciation Society. However, a couple of them have not exactly panned out, they seemed to have withered on the vine  …
CD | Pop
It was a cold March evening in Columbia, 1993. Steve and I were making our normal rounds up and down 9th street, from quarter beers at 9th street deli to burgers at Booche's and finally down at Shakesp …
CD | Single Artist
Joaqufn Sabina was born in Ubeda, Spain on February, 12 1949. He has earned his spot among the godfathers of Ibero-American rock. What I most respect of artists such as Sabina is that the music they w …
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