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CD | Mixed Genre
Pretty simple, this one: Songs about love and devotion. Made for my girl, may 2003. She was looking through previous custom CDs and asked for a new one. "Songs about love... and devotion." After 3 year …
CD | Theme
Every year, SXSW has a Japan Nite as part of the music fest, and every year they put out a sampler. I finally completed my set of 6 CDs. This is a best of from those CDs. Petty Booka is purposefully un …
CD | Theme
Few, if any, blues legends are as legendary or lasting as Stagger Lee. A gambler, Stagger (or Stack) threw dice with Billy DeLyon (or Lyons), and had a horribel losing streak when he shot a lucky 7. Bi …

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Oh yes, said the bees. We like your whiskers, we like your nose, we like your ears, this will be a find place for our nest.
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
right on
CD | Mixed Genre
this one's got a few songs that I really like, plus some that I haven't heard.

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