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CD | Mixed Genre
for someone really special. it's all really folky, intimate material, it's all really hushed & wistful & sadly sweet, & it's pretty much quietly bursting at the seams with longing & yearning, & it rare …
CD | Mixed Genre
hmm, well with cliff, alex & derek - among others - slowly making their way back to the site, i guess i'll follow up. i really, really hope the site gets back to perfect health sometime soon, & the int …
CD | Single Artist
for the first time in nearly a week, i wasn't attacked by a trojan as i ventured on the site, so i'm taking this opportunity to throw up a quickie (if you call four hours "quick," which i do). as i've  …

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CD | Mixed Genre
a more beautiful, wistful mix you could not imagine - this is chock full of yearning, grace, humility & gorgeous pop tunes.
CD | Mixed Genre
a labor of love in tribute to one of my two or three favorite music figures of all time, packed with clever song choices, witty allusions & reverent, clear-eyed nostalgia. what an achievement.
CD | Mixed Genre
another break-up mix that is totally absorbing & harrowing to even read the tracklisting to. between the pounding, raunchy blues numbers & the delicate, elegiac pop tunes, this is a rip-your-heart-out- …

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