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CD | Mixed Genre
As usual, my sad bastard impulse fights it out with my penchant for greasy kid stuff. I don't have much invested in Steely Dan, but I will make no apologies for that particular song (likewise for the B …
CD | Mixed Genre
A companion piece to my earlier mix for my friend Emma, this one ranging freely across time and genre. It seems like this mix is jaunty where the other one moped. I like it, anyhow.
CD | Mixed Genre
Pretty straightforward: a mix for my friend Emma, to introduce her to (or remind her of) some good recent music. This ended up being more slow and melancholy than I had intended, and I've used that Pla …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for my friend Brian, which I have been far too slow in making. The objective of this mix is to consistently rock out without irony.
CD | Mixed Genre
Earlier tonight I was watching Rushmore again before getting ready to leave school and visit my hometown. I felt like I needed something poppy, wistful and vaguely fey (granted, not so vaguely with Bel …
Cassette | Theme
(Note: this is actually on two CD's, but I'm too lazy to type out the two tracklists separately.) I was recently asked what was going on in music during the 1980's, and this mix is my response: a subje …
CD | Mixed Genre
This is intended as an introductory mix for someone. The song selections aren't meant to be especially flashy or obscure, but just to give a good representation of these bands' music.
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