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Cassette | Rock - Hard Rock
A bit of a conceptual thing going on with this one! Read on if you want my long-winded explanation... The pair of tracks each from Scott Walker and David Bowie in particular are sort of tethered togeth …
Cassette | Rock - Hard Rock
Cassette | Rock - Hard Rock

Darth Pazuzu's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
Now this is one seriously nifty mix you've put together! I totally get where you're coming from with Ted Nugent. I think that Ted's guitar playing rocks, even though I'm certainly no fan of his politic …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Maybe the songs that didn't make the cut this time around will make it into the sequel! ;-) Although I'm not familiar with everything here, I like a lot of it (Richard Hell, Alice, Iggy, Nirvana, Billy …
Cassette | Single Artist
Hey, Captain! That looks like a rather definitive Marilyn Manson compilation you've got there. As for myself, the only Manson disc I actually have is the best-of, Lest We Forget, so perhaps I'm ill-qua …

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