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All artists who were killed by guns (self inflicted or otherwise). 1 Marvin Gaye: On the afternoon of April 1, 1984 - one day before his 45th birthday - Gaye was shot and killed by the Reverend Marvin  …
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The hottest funk/soul band of the 70s.
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With apologies to Radio Sally's (superior) "Spiritualized" mix! Started off as a bible reference mix then morphed into a spiritual mix. (Adam Raised A Cain is a perfect example of this! Thanks mixxer!)

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by SMoss
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Holy crap! The ONLY Dan Hicks Mix I've heard from this site! Man, it's probably the best use of Dan Hicks music in a while. The way he goes from one Hicks song into the next is almost seamless. Wow!
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Great mix!
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Perfect mix. Something magical in the Emmylou/Steve Earle/John Hammond stretch in the middle.

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