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CD | Pop
a collection of relaxing, mostly acoustic stuff. props to david b. for 17. thanks to david b., cblaze and chris james for all the lovely packages. i hope your mixes arrive safely and apologise sincerel …
Cassette | Theme
1. It was either this or the Clash's 'London Calling'. 2. It's an odd choice, yes, considering it's a Carpenters cover and all, but what the hey. 3. This has never really happened to me, but I remember …
CD | Single Artist
I did one of these as one of my first submissions to the site as an mp3 playlist, but here's a distillation of my favourites. I do realise 'Popscene' is not a b-side, but it's such a fucking great song …
CD | Theme
made earlier, remained unposted because, well, i felt it was too pretentious. ah well. music transcends language and all that jazz, i guess.
CD | Theme - Romantic
so here it is, my first stab at a romantic mix, although it's more of my lovely delusional fantasies i have at times (ie. it's for a crush who'd never appreciate this sort of music anyway). of course,  …
CD | Mixed Genre
title, obviously, from ms. belle and mr. sebastian
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
that lovely time when you get new music from the internet and you decide you burn them onto a disc in a bid to discover a new favourite band. woo. title from sleater-kinney.
CD | Pop
Can't wait for the new album! That said the title really has nothing to do with the mix (a standard pop/rock thing) whatsoever, and whether you agree with it (the title) or not is completely irrelevant …
CD | Single Artist
Singles, album tracks, b-sides, covers (amusing or otherwise) and live versions of a fraction of the wonderful output of Messrs. Finn, Seymour, and Hester, Austral(asia)'s finest. By no means comprehen …
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